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a shocker. what does he do now? >> that's the big question. right now, lesli, he has appealed with the united states customs immigration services. so the paperwork is in right now. >> okay. >> but it has been about a year and he hasn't gotten any kind of answer but he says he is hoping that his military service will help expedite that process and that he will eventually get his citizenship. >> what is immigration services saying about all this? >> i was talking to them earlier today because of privacy laws they can't really explain in depth into any type of detail as to his case. they did say though in generic terms that he could use the military service. he could also try and find out if he is eligible for citizenship because he was adopted as a child in this country. >> sure. >> and if those two fail he could also appeal and possibly be sponsored by his wife who is an american. >> he could certainly say he has done his part to contribute to this country. ken molestina, thank you so much. >> you bet. >>> fairfax police believe that a man accused women to watch pornographic vi
. >> reporter: what do you think about all this prince and princess stuff? >> i'm not a big fan of it. >> reporter: tickets for the polo match here at the santa barbara polo club range between $400 and $4,000. if you want to get up close and personal with the duke and dutchess and they sold out. after the match, the duke and dutchess head back to los angeles. they'll attend a black tie continuer at the balasco theater honoring young british filmmakers. >> a-list actors are clamoring for this to meet royalty. >> reporter: the success of their american tour so far? >> it's gone fantastically well as you can see from the footage and pictures. they are loving it. i knew they were excited when they left. >> reporter: and so are their fans. sandra hughes, cbs news, santa barbara. >>> proceeds tpro the polo match will benefit the american friends of prince william and prince harry. >>> coming up on 9 news now, one of the most popular search allegiance of the world comes to capitol hill. what the dalai lama is saying about world piece. >>> olga. >> so far humidity this week has been bearable
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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